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"Femininity has been presented as something that’s artificial and masculinity is something that’s authentic, and even in a lot of feminist discourse until recently, femininity was seen as something that was artificial and fake. So there is this fear of feminine that we see in a lot of different aspects of culture that is punished. That’s a part of patriarchy. In a lot of ways we can’t talk about homophobia and transphobia, without talking about patriarchy.”

- Laverne Cox

Read the full interview here, via Gawker.

Yes Laverne, speak the truth!!

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Hey all! For August/September, Let’s draw Sherlock’s challenge is Draw Sherlock Holmes in your favorite scene from a film/tv show/anime!

Ends: September 15th!

Your challenge is to choose a scene from any film, television show, or anime and redraw it, either with Sherlock characters in place of the other characters, or Sherlock arriving to interrupt the scene. You can choose anything that qualifies as a film, short film, television show, cartoon, anime film or show, etc. Shows that only play on the web, or other odd situations, will be judged case by case, so please write and ask us if your idea qualifies before beginning. What doesn’t count: games, books, comics, manga, radio shows, etc. If you’re doing, say, a book that has a film version, use the film version, not the book version, for reference.

When you post your entry, please post the name of the film and link to the IMDB, and a little explanation of the scene, for those of us who may have not seen it. Feel free to rewrite the scene dialogue a little to make it more Sherlock-y.

-Entries using the same scene are fine; however if you notice someone has already done the scene you were thinking about doing, and you haven’t started yet, consider choosing something else for the sake of variety.

-You can include any pairing, any rating, any version of Sherlock. If your artwork is explicit it’d be appreciated if you could put it under a preview or read more. We’re very flexible on content.

-You can submit art (drawn/painted/etc), graphics/photo manips, cosplay, photography, or crafts. Photo manips should alter at least 50% of the original image to qualify (meaning you can’t just paste a face onto a screencap of your screen). If your image happens to have fic attached to it, that’s great, but we will not be accepting purely fic submissions this time around.

-We aren’t critical of quality! Whether you choose to push yourself and make something elaborate, or only have an hour or so and just want to participate, we love everything we get! Also, don’t put your work down in your comments!

-Please create new art! We feel it’s missing the point of the challenges to accept old works.

-Limit of submissions: max 2.

-How to submit: post it to your blog. Tag it “letsdrawsherlock” within the first five tags (you must do this when you post; if you edit in the tag later it generally doesn’t appear under the tag listing). You can also send us your post ID via askbox.


A reminder about our buddy group: Let’s Write Sherlock!!! This group is run by a different set of people, so the challenges will not be the same, but they update much more often than we do! Feel free to enter both!

New Let’s Draw Sherlock!!

I am so doing this.

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Nothing satisfies me but your soul.

I am obligated to reblog Julian Richings whenever he shows up on my dash, for whatever reason

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Was It Worth it - Enjolras / Tony Stark

It was strange, feeling the need to allow a man some privacy at such an intimate moment, but there it was all the same. Enjolras sat in the corner of Stark’s sofa, naked except for the thin satin housecoat tied loosely around his waist. Tony lay across him, head resting on his exposed thigh; a blanket tucked in around his hips, more a gesture than for warmth. 

As Tony spoke, Enjolras kept his gaze on the nearby open window, as looking down at him felt wrong, felt accusatory somehow. Instead, he watched transparent curtains flutter as a summer breeze pressed into the bedroom to fight against the artificial air conditioning. It reminded him that there was still life outside, and given the stillness of the room, the chill in the air and in the conversation.

“I don’t remember it, I mean I know — I’ve got the jist, I’ve been told.” Stark paused; every time he did that Enjolras was positive he could hear the man’s heart pounding like distant gunfire. “And I don’t know if I should feel guilty for that — for not remembering, or if I should be — you know. Thankful.”

Even as he said the word, it was obvious he didn’t like the taste of it on his lips. It was selfish, he must think, to not remember. To sleep easier because the thoughts and ideas felt more like forgotten dreams than reality. 

“You had the very best intentions.” Enjolras said quietly, glancing down only long enough to meet Stark’s eyes for a moment. He placed his hand gently against the crest of Tony’s head, stroking his hair lightly. 

“But is that —” Tony swallowed. There was a pause, a slight shift, as he had to convince himself he ought to continue. “Is that enough?” 

“It must be.” Enjolras replied, squinting as the sunlight moved from behind a cloud and shone brighter into the room. “You acted with the security, the desires and the future of all citizens in mind. It is so that tragedy befell your friends — as it did mine, but personal sacrifice cannot be measured against progress.” 

Enjolras sighed, his fingertips sliding along the curve of Tony’s ear. He knew what it was like to watch a barricade fall, to see those who’d trusted him fall. He knew, better still what it was like to claim the life of a man whose only wrong was being on the other side. He’d cried for him before this body had even cooled. A single officer in the National Guard — his brother claimed by his bullet and to show for it, all he held in the end was Grantaire’s hand and the knowledge that he’d seen his friends murdered.

“But it is better.” Enjolras murmured at last, bending down to press a promise and a kiss against Tony’s lips. “It is better that you do not remember.”

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Donald Glover talking about the comments he received during his campaign to be the next Spider-Man (x)

"I was talking about it with Dan Eckman, who directed my Bonfire video. Can you imagine that trailer? That would be dope. Like it makes sense… a poor black kid in Queens. Like it just fits.”
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sketch as hell but omf i frickin love dorian gray and ive been thinking about the sort of (kind of) parallels between basil/dorian and grantaire/enjolras and i just saw dannie phrase it nicely: “19th century artistic homosexuals in unrequited love w/ pretty blond boys who are eventually their undoing <3______<3” hell o

OMGGGGGG my life in a picture.


sketch as hell but omf i frickin love dorian gray and ive been thinking about the sort of (kind of) parallels between basil/dorian and grantaire/enjolras and i just saw dannie phrase it nicely: “19th century artistic homosexuals in unrequited love w/ pretty blond boys who are eventually their undoing <3______<3” hell o

OMGGGGGG my life in a picture.

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Bud light Lime-a-Rita. Sacrilege have never tasted so refreshing.

Bud light Lime-a-Rita. Sacrilege have never tasted so refreshing.

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